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Rectal Fissure

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2003 8:47 pm GMT +0000    Post subject: Rectal Fissure Reply with quote

Crying or Very sad I started riding mtb last August. I had not ridden a bike in 30 years. I'm 50 years old, but in good physical condition. I have always been very competative and I approached mountain biking that way also. I started off with an endo my first time out. After about 2 weeks I was riding like a maniac. I was really enjoying my bike. I was riding 3 times a week about 10 to 12 miles of trail each time. About 6 weeks after I started riding, I noticed I was having pain during bowel movements, so I went to my family doctor. He misdiagnosed my problem as an internal hemerroid and treated it with Hydrocortisone cream. It got worst. I then went to a colo-rectal surgeon who diagnosed my problem as a rectal fissure. He treated it with stronger Hydrocortisone which made it worst. I was skepticle about his diagnosis, so I had him do a colonoscopy to make sure. He found that indeed it was a rectal fissure and also added that it was much better. The only problem is that here it is 8 months since this all began and I'm in pain and although it gets better for short periods of time , it gets as painful as it was at the beginning. I've tried eating lots of fiber and using a product called Calmol-4 which is a lubricating suppository. This has been the most effective treatment but it doesn't completely heal the fissure. Do you have any suggestions. I haven't ridden my bike since Thanksgiving.
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The Bike Doc

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2003 8:19 pm GMT +0000    Post subject: Rectal fissure Reply with quote


Add mineral oil to you program. Take 1 - 2 tablespoons twice a day mixed with your favorite juice (for example 2 ounces of OJ 1-2 tablespoons of mineral oil in a sealed container, shaken- not stirred, to make an orange smoothie). This will further soften and lubricate your stool and aid in healing. Warm sitz bathes twice a day can also help. Basically, soak your buns in 3-4 inches of warm water twice a day or use a hand held shower massage with a gentle flow and irrigate the back rectal area for 5-10 minutes. Then apply a heavy layer of petroleum jelly to provide a protective coating. Hopefully this will get you to healed up more quickly.

You do not have to give up your bike. There is an old training trick you can use. Remove your seat post and saddle. You will build some phenominal climbing muscles in your legs and strengthen your upper extremities. You will find you cannot ride as long as you would with a saddle (and without fissures) but you will start building back your condition while you are waiting for the fissure to heal.

Paul K. Nolan, MD
AKA: The Bike Doc
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 9:27 pm GMT +0000    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have a couple of Gary Fissures, but I am guessing you are talking about something much different Sad
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 11:27 pm GMT +0000    Post subject: Reply with quote

My wife it a little up tight if you willl....

If the doc did not say anything about ulcerative proctitus or something like that then you may not have the same thing but colizal or something like that has may her life normal. FYI...It is not FDA approved for use langer than 12 weeeks but she has been on it for 2 years, else the enema. The enama did not ever help.

Stress directly affects her bodily functions. Do not let docs tell ya otherwise. Try theapy.

I also noticed that she gets mouth sores when the other end is fine. I guess it is one or the other.

Good luck and find a good doc. There are a lot of bad protoligists out there.
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Spellcheck n4cr

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2003 3:59 pm GMT +0000    Post subject: Reply with quote

[quote="Anonymous"]My wife it a little up tight if you willl....

You are killing me with your no-spell check using self. Please do us all a favor - if you don't have something spellchecked to say, then don't say it at all.

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