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Bruised booty

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:44 pm GMT +0000    Post subject: Bruised booty Reply with quote

Hi Doctor,

About 4 or 5 months ago I was finishing up a 2 hour ride and was making my way up a paved trail and crashed while practicing wheelies. I was only about 200 yards from my car and I got a little careless and didn't get out of my clipless pedals in time. Basically I took the full force of my fall on my left butt cheek and was lucky not to destroy my tail bone. It bruised very badly and for a couple of months it felt like I had a golf ball under the skin of my left cheek. I could not jog because of the discomfort, but was able to ride the next week.

Fast forward to present time and it still feels like there is a lump there and it sometimes itches. Do you think I might have damaged something serious? Even when I run, I can still feel like there is something there that doesn't seem right. Like a mass , or knot of some kind.


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The Bike Doc

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 08, 2003 4:02 pm GMT +0000    Post subject: Reply with quote


What you describe could be consistent with fatty tissue necrosis. In an area where addipose (fat) tissue incurs a bruise (a hematoma) the fatty tissue can breakdown and then fibrous scar tissue develops. It is usally firm, non-tender to slightly tender and can take months to slowly resolve. Another possibility is that you developed a hematoma that has become calcified. These typically are rock hard whereas the fatty tissue necrosis is firm but with some give like a shelled hard boiled egg. These also take several months to resolve. If the mass gets larger, hot, tender or you develop a fever get an immediate medical evaluation. If at any time you have significant concerns do get a medical evaluation.

Paul K. Nolan, MD
AKA: The Bike Doc
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