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TMBRA NORBA National "Texas Supergrind at Tapatio Springs"
Boerne, TX
March 3-6, 2005

Irongrind Results (soon to be here)

Expert Sport Beginner

Pro Men
Semi-Pro Men

Junior X Men 15-16
Junior X Men 17-18
Expert Senior Men 19-24
Expert Senior Men 25-29
Expert Master Men 30-34

Expert Master Men 35-39
Expert Master Men 40-44
Expert Master Men 45-49
Expert Master Men 50-54
Expert Master Men 55-59
Expert Master Men 60-64
Expert Master Men 65-99

Pro Women Open
Junior X Women 1-18
Expert Senior Women 19-24

Expert Senior Women 25-29
Expert Master Women 30-34
Expert Master Women 35-39
Expert Master Women 40-44
Expert Master Women 45-49
Expert Master Women 50-54
Expert Master Women 55-99

Single Speed Open Men

Sport Junior Men 15-16
Sport Junior Men 17-18
Sport Senior Men 19-24
Sport Senior Men 25-29
Sport Master Men 30-34
Sport Master Men 35-39
Sport Master Men 40-44
Sport Master Men 45-49
Sport Master Men 50-99

Sport Junior Women 15-18
Sport Senior Women 19-29
Sport Master Women 30-39
Sport Master Women 40-49
Sport Master Women 50-99

(The following results require Acrobat Reader)

Marathon Results
Stage Results Semi Pro / Expert
Stage Results Pro Men
Stage Results Pro Women
STXC Results Semi Pro / Expert
STXC Results Pro Men
STXC Results Pro Women
TT Results Semi Pro / Expert
TT Results Pro Men
TT Results Pro Women

Beginner Junior Men 1-10
Beginner Junior Men 11-12
Beginner Junior Men 13-14
Beginner Junior Men 15-16
Beginner Junior Men 17-18

Beginner Senior Men 19-24

Beginner Senior Men 25-29
Beginner Master Men 30-34
Beginner Master Men 35-39
Beginner Master Men 40-44
Beginner Master Men 45-49
Beginner Master Men 50-99

Beginner Junior Women 1-10
Beginner Junior Women 11-12
Beginner Junior Women 13-14
Beginner Junior Women 15-18
Beginner Senior Women 19-29

Beginner Master Women 30-39
Beginner Master Women 40-49
Beginner Master Women 50-99




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