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Helmets are required of competitors
and non-competitors any time they are on their bike.

2019 Texas Cup XC 
Mountain Bike Series

USA Cycling Rules
All races in the 2019 Texas Cup XC Mountain Bike Series are USA Cycling sanctioned and as such follow USAC rules.
USA Cycling rules

Racing Age
Racing age is the year that the event is held minus the racers birth year.  Another way to understand it is whatever age you will be on December 31st of the year in which the series championship is happening.
Example: Racer is currently 31 years old but has a birthday in October and will be turning 32 at that point in time.  Their "racing age" is 32 because that is how old they will be on December 31st.

Helmets - Always!
Helmets are required of competitors
and non-competitors any time they are on their bike.

Series Points
Points will be calculated for Junior, Cat 3, Cat 2, Cat 1 and PRO/Cat 1.

Pro/Category 1, Category 2 and Masters
The best 2 of the 4 races will count to determine the overall standings. Racers must compete in a minimum of 2 events to qualify for overall series awards.

Category 3 & 14/12/10 Under Juniors
The best 2 of the 4 races will count to determine the overall standings . Racers must compete in a minimum of 2 events to qualify for overall series awards.

Points are tallied based on the riders' finish order at each individual 2019 Texas Cup XC Mountain Bike Series race. Points are tabulated only on cross-country events.

Points are awarded in the following manner:


If a tie exists for an overall class at the end of the series, the following rules will be used in the following order until the tie is broken:
1) Number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ... until tie is broken in all races that are used for series points.
2) Head-to-Head results in all common races.
3) Best result in most recent race (dropped or not)

During the series a rider may upgrade categories, however points earned in one category or class (age group) will not be transferred to another.

2019 Texas Cup XC Mountain Bike Series categories/classes:

PRO/Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Junior
PRO/Cat 1 
Men 15-18 Men 15-18 Junior Men 1-10
Men 15-18 Men 19-29 Men 19-29 Junior Men 11-12
Men 19-39 Men 30-39 Men 30-39 Junior Men 13-14
Men 40-49 Men 40-49 Men 40-49  
Men 50-59 Men 50+ Men 50-59 Junior Women 1-10
Men 60+ Junior Women 11-12

Junior Women 13-14

PRO/Cat 1 

Women 15-18

Women 15-18

Women 15-18

Women 19-39

Women 19-39

Women 19-39

Women 40-49

Women 40+

Women 40-49

Women 50+

Men 60-69  SingleSpeed
Men 70+  Single Speed Open
Single Speed 2/3  
Women 50+     

Courses vary according to the geography of the area, and the amount of single track available. In general Pro/Cat 1 races will last 2 - 2.5 hours; Cat 2: 1.5 - 2 hours and Cat 3: 1 to 1.5 hours. Cat 1 Men and Women 40 and older will race the “Cat 2” distance but start with the Cat 1. Master Open classes will race the "Cat 2" distance but start with the Cat 1. Single Speed Open will start with the Cat 1 and do the Cat 1 distance. Single Speed 2/3 will start with Cat 2 and do the Cat 2 distance.  Junior 13-14 will start with Cat 3 and do the Cat 3 distance. Most race courses offer modified distances for 12 & U and 10 & U. Please refer to each races informational flyer for further details on course distance.

Roll Call
Roll call will begin 7 minutes prior to the first group start in each major wave.

Example:  C1 starts begin at 9AM.  Pro/C1 Men are the first group to start so roll call would begin for them at 8:53AM.

Roll call will be:

1) Series ranking for those that have pre-registered.
2) Registration order for those that have pre-registered.
3) Registration order for those that have registered on-site.

For the 2nd race of the series and onward, there will also be a call up at the start line for the top 10 contenders in the series for groups that have 15 or greater starters in them.

Example: At Race XYZ, the C1 Mens group has 12 starters so there would not be a top 10 call up.  C2 Women 40+ has 16 starters so the top 10 series contenders will be called up to a front row spot.

Staging Order
Classes (age groups) will be ordered within a start wave taking the following into consideration.
1) Average speed of the top 3 racers from previous races
2) Logistical considerations of the course being run

Staggers (time intervals) are used between each Class (age group) start to space them apart. For larger groups this can be as much as 3-5 minutes and smaller groups 1-2 minutes.  Small classes may be combined together.  Stagger times fluctuate from race to race based on the length and/or speed of a course.

Check your Results
Check your results after your race to ensure they are correct.  This includes spelling, team names, USAC license.  If you have a concern please see a race official and let them know.  Once a race in the series has concluded the results are considered final for the series and race results posting.  

USA Cycling - Mountain Biking License Requirements
All Pro, and Category 1 racers are required to hold a valid USA
Cycling - Mountain Biking annual license.

Category 2 and 3 racers have the option to race with a USA Cycling Annual License OR One-Day License. 
One Day Licenses cost an additional $10 per race and can be purchased during the pre or onsite registration process.

USAC annual licenses can be purchased online at  Racers need to bring their USAC license & legal ID for race registration. All racers are required to complete and sign a USAC-Mountain Bike standard athlete’s release.
Minors must have parent signature as well

Race Prizes and Awards
Category 1

C1 Classes (age groups) include C1 Women 15-49, C1 Men 15-59, Masters Men Open, Master Women Open and Single Speed Open
50% of entry fee (based on pre-registration price) X number of racers from the C1 classes divided by the total number of C1 classes with athletes competing and finishing that race. That dollar amount is paid out 5 places deep for each Class. Each Class with have equal payout.  (see payout depth chart below for percentage per place)  

Purse Bolster Fund: 25% of entry fee (based on pre-registration price) X number of racers in C1 Classes

Pro/C1 Women and Pro/C1 Men Groups 
75% of entry fee (based on pre-registration price) X number of racers from the Pro/C1 Women and Pro/C1 Men PLUS Purse Bolster Fund.
This is paid out to the top 4 Women and top 6 Men. There will be equal payout for the top 4 Women and Men. (see payout depth chart below for percentage per place).

CLICK HERE for the Payout Depth Chart

Category 2 
Trophies, plaques, medals or professionally produced awards for the top 3 places, ribbons for 4th - 10th. Schwag to the top 5 placesThe total value of the Cat 2 Schwag awarded will be a minimum of $100 MSRP per class (age group)

Category 3 
Trophies, plaques, medals or professionally produced awards for the top 3 places, ribbons for 4th - 10th. Schwag raffle to all Cat 3 racers. The total value of the Cat 3 Schwag raffled will be a minimum of $800.

Series Awards
Each race in the series will forward the TMBRA treasurer $1 per racer that will be utilized for series overall awards that will be presented to the top ten finishers, in each category/class who qualify with the minimum number of races at Shred de Roots in Huntsville, October 13, 2019.  The Series Awards ceremony happens after each categories Race awards.

Cat 3 Tips
(and maybe some tips
for Cat 2 and Cat 1)

New to the racing scene? Here are a few tips to follow to make that first race a little less intimidating.

Come prepared. Your bike should be in race ready condition- don’t save repairs for race day and don’t make any changes on your bike in the week before the race. This includes changing position, chains, cogs, tires, etc. (An exception is if something breaks.) Bring a variety of spare parts with you; tires, tubes, chain, cogs, and an extra wheel set if you have one. Lube, a pump, and allen keys are things that should live in your car or bike bag. There are usually people at a race that can help you in a pinch, but it is always better to be prepared.

Chain damage is still a problem with mountain bikes. Keeping your chain clean and well-lubricated will help. Periodic inspections of your chain for wear, stretch and damage is recommended. Learning how to use a chain tool will save you a walk home.

If you hear a funny noise coming from your bike when riding, soft pedal and look at what is making that noise. If something has landed in your drive train, like a stick, continuing to power the bike could cause something to break. Its better to stop off the trail and fix the problem quickly then get back in the race.

An athlete should always drink plenty of water, but this is particularly important prior to a race. It is good practice to begin heavy hydration 72 hours before the start of any competition. Be sure you have a water bottle with you at all times.

Bring your own food and water to the event. It is always better to be self-contained and self-sufficient. A first aid kit is a good idea.

There is always a designated feed area where water bottles are handed up. There should be signs or a map designating this area. Not all race venues have a water handup for Cat 3 and the younger junior and open categories- find out at the race site.

Most race flyers and registration areas have all the pertinent information about the race. Read these notices carefully as most questions will be answered in these postings.

You must have a USAC license to participate in a TMBRA sponsored race. If you are a Cat 3 or junior, you can purchase a one day license for $10, good only for that race day, or you can purchase an annual license for $75- adults, $35- juniors. You can purchase either license at the race site or go to

Try to pre-register for a race. This makes it less hectic on the day of the race. Double check your entry form to be certain you are placed in the proper race and that the time and location haven’t changed.

Upon arriving at the event, go first to pick up your race packet and number, then go back to your vehicle to dress and get your bike ready. Warm-up plan to be around the start line area about 20 minutes prior to your start.

Racers riding a bicycle have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles. When practical, racers pushing should stay on the least rideable portion of the path when being passed. A racer pushing or carrying his bicycle can overtake a racer riding his bicycle, provided he does not interfere with the rider’s progress. (USAC rule 5.12.2)

Lapped riders must yield to leaders. (This applies to a lead rider overtaking another class) Riders should voice the command “track” when overtaking another. It is the responsibility of the challenging rider to overtake safely. You must yield to the passing rider on the first command. (USAC rule 5.12.3)

All repairs during an event shall be performed by the individual racer. No outside support is permitted (USAC rule 5.4)

Don’t litter the trail with gel packets.

You have 15 minutes after the results enter the protest period to file a protest. You must have a racer witness with you when you protest a result. Protests are very time consuming- make absolutely sure your protest is legitimate before you dispute the results.

Get out of your wet and dirty clothes as soon as you can. Eat a combo of protein and carbos within 30 minutes after finishing and re-hydrate.

All events have a Cat 3 schwag raffle. Your race number is your raffle number so bring it with you after cleaning up from a race when you go to check the results. Some races have a separate junior raffle. Check the postings at the awards area and registration to find out.

It is your responsibility to collect your award or prize. If you cannot wait, then have a buddy pick it up for you.  

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