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1st Time Racer

First Time Racers Clinic
presented by James Webb, TMBRA and Team YEAH!When?     Check the Race Flyer and TMBRA Rider Forum for times as they vary from race to race
Where?   At the Team YEAH! tent
Who?      James Webb and YOU
Why?      You’ve found yourself at a TMBRA race and you’re not quite sure what you’ve gotten yourself in for.

So, you think you want to try racing but you are not sure of what is involved. What are the rules? What is race etiquette? Why does everyone else look like they know what they’re doing and I don’t?

Do you have questions like these… and more?

Then bring your questions, a chair and an open mind. We should be able to make you feel comfortable about getting out and doing your first race.

first time racer clinic

Items we will go over:

• Registration, race age, race class, race license
• Race bib, what it is and how to put it on your bike
• Starting and finishing
• Eating and drinking before and during the race
• Different course markings and what they mean
• Passing and being passed
• Results–Preliminary, Final and what you should do if something is not right

first time racer clinicIf you think of any questions the week before the race, you can email them to James and we will try to get an answer back to you before race weekend and also make sure we go over it at the clinic.

You can find some good race tips on the TMBRA Rules & Regs page.

first time racerHope to see you there!James Webb is a Cat 1 racer for Team YEAH! He has 15+ years of racing experience. James has experience running a large race team (NRC/Pedal Mashers) and has previously owned and operated a bike shop in Kyle, TX, New Revolution Cycles.