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Pay Dirt

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Pay Dirt© Program

2024 TMBRA Paydirt Form (PDF)
You will receive an email with a special link to use to submit your paydirt form
TMBRA Pay Dirt Program:  Get Started Now!

TMBRA’s PayDirt© Program is offered in conjunction with the Texas XC Mountain Bike Championship Series to encourage mountain biker’s involvement in the maintenance and building of trails, a mountain bikers’ greatest asset. The mountain bike racing community has a vested interest in improving our awareness of the trail resources we have and forging strong relationships with land managers and other trail users. The promoters of the Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association endorse the PayDirt© Program and believe it will create a better environment for off-road cycling in Texas, not to mention new and improved race-courses!

Every participant that completes at least 10 hours in a minimum of two days (3 hours for Juniors 10 and under and 5 hours for Juniors 11-14 these can be done in one day) will be entered in a raffle for over $3,000 in prizes. Prizes will include entry fees to the Texas Fall Cup & Championship Series events, as well as merchandise prizes with a value in excess of $2,500. Prizes are donated by TMBRA and various sponsors.

Types of Areas

The types of areas that qualify for Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop PayDirt© points without question:

* State Parks or State Natural Areas
* County or City Parks
* Corps of Engineers Areas
* National Forests
* Private mountain bike parks open at least 50% of the year to the public.

In addition, you may arrange trail work sessions with an approved land owner or park superintendent on your own, just submit official paperwork for approval.

How it Works

* Volunteer 10 hours for Adults, 3 hours for Juniors 10 & under and 5 hours for Juniors 11-14 between May 15th, 2023 and May 12th, 2024, on a recognized and approved volunteer program and you will earn 60 points in the 2024 Texas Mountain Bike XC State Championship Series p/b Trek Texas. The 60 points from PayDirt© are in addition to, not instead of, your counted races for the series overall. You do not have to participate in series races to participate in the PayDirt© program and raffle.

*Use a PayDirt entry form to keep track of your volunteer hours. Submit the forms by following the URL link provided in an email you will receive after you have registered and used your race plate for the first time (email if you did not receive your email). Submit completed form(s) with approved land manager’s signature no later than May 12, 2024 at 11:59 PM CST.

The following guidelines are used in determining what qualifies for TMBRA PayDirt© hours:

* TMBRA PayDirt© program was created to promote trail maintenance on trails that are open to the public for the majority of the year.

* Never perform trail maintenance or construction without the knowledge and cooperation of the land manager responsible for the area you intend to work in. Land managers do not appreciate unauthorized trail work and illegal trail cutting is creating problems for mountain bikers all over the country.

* PayDirt hours must be logged at a minimum of two separate workdays. Juniors can log their hours in one workday.

* Your TMBRA PayDirt(c) Program Record of Hours must be verified by the land manager responsible for the area you work in and will be verified at the end of the season.

* Required hours of PayDirt correspond to the class/category you are racing. If your race age is 14 but you are racing a 15-18 age group, you must do the 10 hours required of that age group. 

Many thanks to Sara Frost of the New Jersey State Mountain Bike Championship Series for sharing the PayDirt© Program.