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It’s going to be a beautiful weekend!

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We know what your thinking. Don’t Jinx us! It’s looking like a beautiful weekend to celebrate the start of the Cycle Progression State XC MTB series. Round #1, The Rocky Hill Roundup p/b Sun & Ski Sports is Next weekend. The weather looks great and we have a new trail system . On line registration closes on Wednesday. See ya there.

You will find most of the information for the weekend in the race flyer (linked above). Please enter the venue from Over the Hill Lane, next to the main gate. The main gate will be blocked off for the event. If you are just staying for the day, please park on the left side of the venue. If you are camping with an RV please park on the right side of the venue.  For tent and non electric outlet camping follow the road up the hill to the campground.

Number Plate and Same Day Registration:

Please pick up your number plate at the shed located just accross from the start line. You can pick up your new number plate starting at 2pm on Saturday or Sunday morning before your race.

Pre Riding: First time racers clinic: Kids Cup:

The course is available for pre ride any time on Saturday and up to 8 am Sunday morning. HELMETS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN RIDING : Kids Cup starts at 1 pm Please register your kiddo a half hour early . Look for the grey tents with the Sun & Ski Banner. First time Racers Clinic will take place after the kids cup in the same location. ( approx. 2pm )

Start Times and call ups:

Please see the flyer for your start time. Make sure you are near the start corral at lest ten minutes before your race. Look for the orange fencing in the infield. Please listen for your name to be called when the official is organizing your group and call out HERE! when you hear your name.

Feed Zone:

The feed Zone will be located near the pond across from the main pavilion. Remember this is the only place you are allowed to get food or water you are not carrying. We will have neutral water in water bottles provided by our series sponsor Cycle Progression. If you have arranged for a friend or family member to hand up food and water to you, this is the place they must stand. Remember we are following USAC Cross Country rules, you are not alowed to leave tools or parts at the feed zone and can only use what you bring with you during the race to work on your bike.  All work must be done by the racer. BE PREPARED. Failure to follow the rules may result in a disqualification.

Results / Awards

You will recieve a text after you finish with your result. We will have live results here: results  Just search for Rocky Hill Roundup. We will also post paper results at the pavillion. There will be a 15 minute protest period announced prior to the podium presentation. After the 15 minute protest is over results will become official. We will have beer From Karbarch Brewing and music afterwards. There are many fine dining establisments located in Smithville just down the road.

Once again thank you for coming and spending your weekend with us!

The Rocky Hill Crew

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