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Welcome to West Texas! The Bent Wheel Bash

Bent Wheel Bash Race Registration

Camping and Hotels

Those of you have been to our race before know that this event is a benefit for our local police department bike unit. They allow us to use their training academy as our venue as well as the surrounding land for campsites. The money raised from camping goes straight to the police department. So…we love it when people choose to camp instead of going to hotels! However, given the weather forecast, we totally understand if many of y’all want to grab a room at a local hotel or RV campground. We don’t blame you at all for that. It looks like the temps are going to be pretty chilly at night! For those wanting to brave the weather, camping at the Bent Wheel Bash venue is $20 for one night or $30 for two nights. It is primitive camping – no hookups. There are showers available, however, in the registration building. For those wanting to stay a tad warmer, here are some links to RV parks and hotels close to the venue. (Although – this is Abilene. Nothing is more than 20-25 minutes away from the race.)

Ridgeview RV Resort | Abilene, TX RV Park & Campground

There are a few camping spots available at SeaBee Park and Johnson Park (both on Lake Fort Phantom).

Hotels – google hotels near ACU (Abilene Christian University) in Abilene and you’ll see several hotels just down the road from the race venue.


If you’ve been watching the weather for our neck of the woods, you’ve seen that the forecast looks interesting between now and Sunday. However, it’s West Texas. It could change 20 times between now and then. As far as Sunday goes, yes – the race is a go. Obviously, if it is storming/lightening at race time we will delay and make adjustments. If it is simply cold and wet, we will continue as planned. Hopefully, the Sunday forecast of sunny and nearing 60 degrees holds true. We are planning on running the whole course. If we get more moisture than we expect, we can move to our rain course. We have had to use it in the past and it works well. We won’t do this unless it is absolutely necessary. Our trails have a large clay content so be prepared for some pretty dirty bikes with caked-on mud if the trails are wet.

For those of you with 12U and 10U racers – as long as the freezing drizzle stays away on Saturday, your Saturday afternoon race should be fine. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we can move the 12Us and 10Us to Sunday afternoon at the end of the Cat 3 group. We will not do that unless it is absolutely necessary for the safety of the kids.

Check back here for updates on the weather and trail status.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Bent Wheel Bash!

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