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Race Plates

 We have had several instances of racers using number plates from previous years this year. You must use your current number plate purchased this spring. Old number plates from previous years do not work. Chip timing is not magic. It relies on all of your information being in line and correct. Do not use old number plates from previous years, your friends plate, a plate you made yourself etc.. If you forgot, lost or damaged your current number plate you can get a new one for 10 bucks before the start of your race at the timing table.

Moving forward we will NOT TABULATE YOUR OVERALL POINTS  if you do not use the correct number plate. You also risk being disqualified from the race. That decision will be made by the USAC official at the race. Our chip and plate system works very well when we all follow the guidelines. It becomes difficult (and slow) when we have to manually enter, search and tabulate things into our system. If you see someone at the races with the wrong plate let them know.

Rules and Regulations

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