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TMBRA Fall Announcements


Get ready racers! Our Cycle Progression 2022 Texas Cup season opener is right around the corner. Starting Labor Day weekend at ” Barber Hills Hard Labor presented by Paris Chevrolet Buick and GMC ” . You can find registration links for all of our races on the calendar section on our website . Remember our fall series is best 4 out of 6 races and you need to complete 3 races to qualify for overall awards.

Here is a quick reminder of our places and dates for the Cycle Progression 2022 Texas Cup

Race #1 – Paris TX – Sept 4th

Race #2 – Piney Hills Classic – Ruston LA – Sept. 18th

Race # 3 – Showdown at the Arroyo – Harlingen, TX  – Oct 2nd

Race #4 – Shred de Roots ( a Suzannah Smiles event ) – Huntsville, TX – OCT 9th

Race#5 – Kerrville Mountain Bike Festival Presented by Hill Country Bicycle Works – Kerrville TX – OCT 23rd

Race #6 – Rose City XC – Tyler, TX – Oct 30th


Remember Showdown at the Arroyo is a double points race. Meaning those who attend receive double points but the race only counts as one race towards qualifying for overall awards. We will be handing out overall awards to top 3 in each class and a special prize for top 5 racers at Rose City XC. You must attend that race to claim your awards and prizes. We will NOT mail awards to you. Fell free to arrange to have a friend pick it up if you can not attend.

In other TMBRA News:

Congratulations to Arnold Hafner! Arnold was voted in by the TMBRA B.O.D as our new male Rider Rep. Feel free to reach out to him and our female Rider Rep Deb Randall with questions, comments, concerns ect.

There has been a change in our Spring calendar. Race #1 on Feb. 5th will now take place at Pat Mayes Lake in Paris TX. There are currently no other changes to the spring calendar.

We hope to see you this fall!


    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Bubba, yes there is a chance. We would have to see an increase in participation in the 60+ open category in order to split it in two. We would need to be able to fill 2 podiums. One for 60+ open and one for a 60+ cat 2/3 . Looking at last years Texas Cup overall results, open 60+ had 5 racers qualify for overalls, 6 for cat2 men 50+ and 3 for cat 3 60+. Those numbers are not there to constitute adding/ changing a new category yet. Your gonna need to get some of your 60+ friends to come out and race in order to create a new 60+ category.

  1. Dennis

    The 2022/2023 marathon series about to start. Would any of these events include an e-bike category? I am looking for a way to get my e-bike buddies to join me. Last year Bluff Creek had an e-bike category wondering if others will this season.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Dennis, we are trying to incorporate E bike classes into our races. The e-bike class at our races is considered an ” exhibition class” . This is due to our concerns about the many different types of E- bikes and ways to modify them. This does not mean we will not have E-Bike categories at our races, just that TMBRA is not making the class mandatory. If you look at our XC races in our fall series you will find an E-bike category at most events. One of the problems we have come across is When to start the E-bikes in relation to the other waves. Over the past year we have felt it was best to put E-bike first and give them a couple of minutes gap from the “acoustic” racers. This seems to be a good spot in our start waves. We have also discussed having the E-Bike racers complete the Cat 2 distance ( 2 laps ). This way the strategy of battery life will come into play more with the longer distance. With that said, our Marathon races do not use a wave start. They are mass start events, which means E-bikes would be starting at the same time as “acoustic bikes”. Many of our race directors feel this may cause problems since our Marathon series events are State Championship level events. Almost all of our marathons offer shorter options at these events. It’s likely E-bike categories will be incorporated into those options, but it’s unlikely you will find a E-bike category starting in a mass start State Championship level event.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Mike, you should let the rider reps know. Arnold Haffner or Debbie Randall. They can help you with that and bringing it up at the next meeting.

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