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Hard Labor @Barber Hills Trail Update

Trail Condition Update: Our race director has reported that Barber Hills will be open to pre riding early Saturday morning. If you absolutely need to pre ride late this afternoon you can. Please wait until Saturday morning if you can to give the trails a bit more drying time. The sandy dirt will be perfect on Sunday!! Let’s race!
Remember you can register up to 10 minutes before the start of your race if you are still on the fence. Register here:
See ya there!


  1. Bruce

    How can we view the results from Barber Hills race? Since the registration link is now gone (race is over) I can’t check there and they have not been uploaded to the TMBRA Results page yet. thanks,

  2. Bruce

    re: my last message, Barber Hills results. All the results are visible on myraceresult except Cat 3’s. Any idea when Cat 3’s will be posted? thanks

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Emmanuel, Almost 99% on the time the photographers you see on the course are freelancers. TMBRA has no contact with them, although most of the time they will post a link to their photos on our Facebook group page.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hey Ivan, I’ll look in to it . Honestly, I rarely look at USAC results since TMBRA keeps their own results on a separate platform. It may be the RD hasn’t submitted them to USAC .

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