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2023 Excruciation Exam | Quiz | Review

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This year’s event will be the fourth event of the 2022/23 Hill Country Bicycle Works Texas Marathon MTB State Championship Series. The Excruciation Exam (EE or marathon distance) will follow the same format as previous editions: start with one lap of Bluff Creek Ranch (BCR), ride county backroads to Smithville, ride a new loop at Rocky Hill Ranch (RHR), ride similar backroads route back to Warda, race through the lower “30 Aker Woods” and then finish your event. The total race is approximately 72 miles. The EE races start at 8AM and you must start your return trip from RHR no later than 12:30PM. There will be an aid station at RHR (entrance/exit). You are allowed a single drop bag which will be taken to the RHR aid station.

This year’s event also includes The Excruciation Quiz (EQ or half marathon) as well as a new, beginner friendly class The Excruciation Review (ER or sprint). The EQ race which will consist of three laps of BCR with special prizes for fastest male/female lap. The ER race will consist of one full lap of BCR plus an additional lap of the lower “30 Aker Woods”. Please note the EQ and ER races start at 11AM and 11:05AM. EQ/ER only racers can not access BCR before 9:15AM so we can ensure proper distancing between inbound EQ/ER racers and outbound EE racers.

Ranch use/access fees: race entry fees include all applicable ranch use/access fees for RHR onlyBCR ranch use/access fee will be collected when entering the ranch for parking/camping for the race weekend. Ranch liability waivers will need to be signed online (links provided after registration closes) prior to race day.

Tech Guide: this important document contains all race details pertaining to number plates, onsite registration, drop bags, how-to access results, awards procedure and, most importantly, details and links to route GPS files (racers are responsible for knowing the transfer routes!). The tech guide will be posted and sent to all registered racers, Tues. January 3rd.

Race Wave Start Times & Distance:

  • 8:00 AM : Marathon racers (EE: ~72 miles comprised of race loops of BCR & RHR and out/back country road transfer)
  • 11:00 AM : Half Marathon racers (EQ: 3 laps, ~26 miles), no parking for EQ racers prior to 9:15 AM at Bluff Creek Ranch
  • 11:05 AM : Sprint racers (ER: 1.25 laps, ~10.5 miles), no parking for ER racers prior to 9:15 AM at Bluff Creek Ranch



  1. Forist David

    When will overall results be posted for Marathon Series ?
    When will Marathon race results be reported to USA Cycling?

  2. Dave Bellante

    Hey Forist, We will have points posted this week before the EE. Marathon races that used USAC for sanctioning report their results to USAC independently so I’m not sure on that one.

  3. Brandi Greathouse

    Every time I try to click where it says CLICK HERE…it never works. It gives me an error. Is it just me, or have there been issues?

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