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Trek TX XC MTB State Championship series finale “The Warda Race” May 21

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Go here for flyer with clickable links


  1. Mario Czarnomski

    Not necesairly a Warda race speciffic question, but more overall standing question. Thoroughout the series USAC lincens has not been required for participaiting, other than Ca1, I belvieve. Will the license be required in order to receive State championship in Cat 2 and Junior 10U? I could not find a defnite answer on the XC series page.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Conrad, arrows are going up today (Wednesday) and tape and fencing are going up on Saturday.

  2. Evan Guy

    That was a great race and fantastic venue! Do you have a Fotki link for the event photographs? Thanks for your fine work, Dave!

  3. Evan Guy

    While I’ve ridden mtn bikes since the 90’s, I just started racing. All of my friends say they’re too old, fat, and out of shape….Poor excuses, so I showed up and raced 4 of your races! DAMN this is FUN!! See y’all in September! Great work, thank you! And yes, I do buy pics to support the photographers! Evan 😉

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Whitney, not yet. Probably next week. We will make an announcement here and on social media when they go out. Congrats on your win!

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