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Spring News and Announcements

Greetings TMBRA race fans, 

We are on the verge of another Spring Cross Country Season. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good time for TMBRA News and Announcements.

First off, congratulations to all our new Marathon State Champions. The jersey process with Jakroo is coming along nicely. The jersey will look similar to the XC State Champion jerseys but will have long sleeves and appropriate logos and wording. We will email our champions with instructions on how to order your jersey once we have our on-line store up and running. 

2024/25 TMBRA year long number plate:                                   

Our new number plates are almost ready. If you pre-ordered a plate via our website, you will receive a separate email on Wednesday Jan 31st that will have your assigned number. Remember, everyone needs a new plate starting at our next race in Paris on Feb 11th. You can purchase a new plate during the registration process of any TMBRA event all year. Cost is $15 for a yearly plate and it’s good for all 18 TMBRA events from Feb 2024 to January 2025.

Here are some quick bullet points in regards to the number plates: 

  • You must have TWO plates if you plan to race in more than one Class/ Category in the same series. Example: racing SS 2/3 and age group Master 50-59 during the spring series. You MUST keep track of the correct number plate for each class/ category you are racing- they are not interchangeable.  
  • If you “Cat up” during the year you do not need a new plate. If you do “Cat up” in the middle of a series, remember your points collected before “Catting up” will not follow you to your new category. Racers are not obligated to “cat up” mid series if they are going for the overall title. 
  • If you race in the E-bike category you will not be issued a yearly plate. The plates are only used in categories which we keep overall series points totaled. E-bikers will need to go to registration the morning of the event a get a single use plate.                                                                            




We are excited to bring back the Team Challenge this spring. This year our Team Challenge is presented by Meili Cycling. They are a Texas based cycling company. Check them out HERE. You can find all of the rules, info and how to register HERE.


Clarifications and Changes for all TMBRA series Races: 

New registration pricing:

TMBRA has implemented a new pricing structure, beginning at the first race in the 2024 spring series. There will be a minimum of a $25 price increase after 7pm the night before the event. Racers registering after 7pm the night of the event will forfeit their call up position. Individual Race Directors may allow “day of / walk up “registration at their event- CHECK THE INDIVIDUAL RACE FLYERS. If there is “day of / walk up “registration it will end TWO HOURS BEFORE THE FIRST START WAVE OF THE DAY.  Race Directors are free to add a second price increase anytime before the night prior to the event as long as the total amount does not exceed 150% of the initial entry fee.

Aging up or down a class:

Racers are allowed to race in an age group one under their age for adults and one over their age for juniors. If a racer plans to race out of their age group they must send an email to both the Race Director for the event and the TMBRA Registrar one week before race weekend. This must be done for each race you enter. Points will be awarded in only the age group the racer has raced the most in and points will not “move with you” from age group to age group. A second number plate is not needed as long as you stay in one group for the entirety of the series. 

You must be of racing age 15 years old to race in any Cat 1 or open field. No exceptions will be given. 

Texas Cup 2024 fall schedule:

Here are the dates for the 2024 Texas Cup:

9/1 – Tyler TX

9/15 – Forest Creek

9/29 – Shred de Roots (venue TBD)

10/13 – Harlingen TX

10/27 – Kerrville TX

We are excited for the start of the XC MTB State Championship Series Presented by TREK to start in Paris TX on February 11th. We hope to see ya on the start line!


El Presidente


  1. Mario Czarnomski

    Hey, just checking to see if you guys have sent out the emails regarding the Marthon state jerseys. Wnat to make sure that I did not miss it in my spam folder.

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