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Cameron Park Blowout Presented by The Bear Mountain



    • Dave Bellante

      Hey Forist, the only spring race that is USAC is Comfort. That is the only race that will show up on their results.

  1. Kevin Domenico

    Good morning Dave,
    I’m a first time racer this season placing 3rd place in my first race at Rocky Hill Roundup (Mens Cat 3 60+) and 2nd place in my second race at Bent Wheel Bash BUT I was confused about the podium process and missed those two ceremonies’. I placed 1st at Cameron Park Blowout and another racer clued me on on the process so I got my gold medal there! Is there any chance I could still receive my bronze for Rocky Hill and silver for Bent Wheel (or whatever the prize was for those two races)? I hope so, I sure would love to have them! Thank you in advance for your help. Kevin

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