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  1. Brandon

    I raced in the 90’s as a teenager when it was NORBA. There was beginner, sport, and expert. I’m wanting to try some races out this year but I’m confused on how to register and what to register as. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Brandon, welcome back the racing! Cat 1 = expert Cat 2 = sport Cat 3 = beginner . Links for registration are usually posted here on the calendar tab. You can also find them by searching on

  2. Scott Rucker

    Hi Dave,
    Can you please provide me the link for registration? It’s not showing in Bikereg or TMBRA event sites.

    Thanks, Scott

  3. A

    Can we please get the registration links active? It’s crazy we are only 5 weeks out from the first race and there is no way to register yet.

  4. A

    The link above takes you to the Paris website. When you click ‘Register here’ on that website it brings you back to this page.

  5. Dave Bellante

    We will have the link for registration very soon. There will be an announcement here and on our social media channels as soon as registration goes live.

  6. Sarah Padilla

    This will be my daughters first time to race. I signed her up with USA cycling. I tried to get a plate through this website and it said it was closed. Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Sarah, You will be able to purchase a plate when you register for the event. Registration has just opened . The link can be found above.

    • Juan Hermenegildo

      I would say this course for all Cat 3 will average about 50-55 minutes. You’ll have some fast ones that get a much faster time but for average and below they will be over the 55 minute mark. Great challenging course! Have fun!

  7. Josh Selleck

    Is there a reason that the race is starting an hour later than previous years which were at 7:45. It makes sense having Cat 1 go first, but with this schedule the awards won’t be until 1p.m. or 2 p.m.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Josh, I’m not exactly sure but I do know that the lap and course is a bit different in length this year, so that’s a possibility. You may have to reach out to the race director for a more precise answer. If you go to the registration page and click on the “contact Tab” there is a spot to ask questions and get a reply from the race director.

  8. Dave Bellante

    Barber Hills will be open to pre riding early Saturday morning. If you absolutely need to pre ride late this afternoon you can. Please wait until Saturday morning if you can to give the trails a bit more drying time. The sandy dirt will be perfect on Sunday!! Let’s race!

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