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Big Cedar XC (#6, Spring Series)

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Big Cedar Parking and Camping Map


Event Notes

All races are on Sunday, April 23!

Please pre-register and save $20!

There is a $10 Land Use fee included in the registration price.

We are grateful to Mountain Creek Church for the opportunity to use their property to host y’all. The Church will be selling food on Saturday and Sunday to raise money for their missions. Please respect their policy of no open display of alcohol on the property. Please do not litter nutrition products on the trail or ride bikes through the Patriot Pavilion. Church will be in session during the Sunday morning races so please do not disturb the church grounds or ride Texas Sunset before noon on Sunday.

Parking will be accessed from the East side. Not all streets in the neighborhood have signs so please go slow and set your Google Maps for 8701 Isom ln. The area around the Patriot Pavilion is reserved for Sponsors and Expo, please follow the directions of our parking volunteers.


We are still in need of volunteers to guide parking and camping, sweep after each race and set up/tear down so please LINK TBD if you are available to help out on Saturday 9AM-7PM or Sunday 6AM-3PM! Email with any questions.

We need parking volunteers and Juniors Race course marshals to have a successful race!

Race Laps & Distances:
Sunday 10U and 12U Race Course

Sunday Race Course

Race times and distances are as follows:

  • 7:45 AM Juniors 10 & under : 1 lap, ~2 miles
  • 7:45 AM Juniors 12 & under : 2 laps, ~4 miles
  • 8:30 AM Category 1 Pro/Open Men, Cat 1 Men 19-49, Singlespeed : 4 laps, 23 miles
  • 8:30 AM Category 1 : 3 laps, 17 miles
  • 10:00 AM Category 2 : 3 laps, 17 miles
  • 11:15 AM Category 3 and Juniors 13-14: 2 laps, 11 miles

Quick Details:

  • The kids cup is TBD.
  • First time racer guided course preview during the DORBA Drop-In on Saturday!
  • Onsite registration: Sunday, April 23, opens at 7:00A and closes 30 minutes before your race wave start.
  • Entry fee for all racers 13+ includes the Sunday $10 land use fee. There is no Sunday land use fee for racers 12 and under or for spectators.
  • 30 Tent camping and RV spaces available on-site with a $25 reservation purchased through registration. Limited showers and bathrooms on site at the Patriot Pavilion. Cedar Hill State Park (on the shores of scenic Joe Pool Lake) is also very close by and offers many camping and RV spots. Grand Prairie is nearby and offers many hotel options.
  • Concessions benefitting Mountain Creek Church will be available on Saturday during pre-ride and for breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

TMBRA race plates:
TMBRA will use one standard plate for the series. Every race participant is required to utilize a season plate for race scoring and timing. After registering for an event you will be asked about your season plate status. If you pre-purchased your plate through the website or you picked up a plate at a previous event then select “No, I already own one.” otherwise select “Yes, assign a NEW plate.” if you do not already own one. Select “Yes, a REPLACEMENT plate is needed.” if you need a replacement for your previously assigned plate. A one-time $10 charge will be added to your event registration fee if you select a “yes” answer.

DORBA 2023 BCXC TMBRA FAQ – Google Docs




TMBRA Rules and Payout Calculator


What time do the races start? 

#Roll call will begin 7 minutes prior to the first group start in each major wave.#

7:00AM-10:45AM – Check In & Day Of Registration (You must check in or register 30 minutes prior to your start time)

7:45AM – Junior 10 & Under, and 12 & Under Race Start

8:30AM – Pro/Cat 1, Cat 1, Master Open, Singlespeed Open Race Start

10:00AM – Cat 2 and Singlespeed 2-3 Race Start

11:15AM – Cat 3 & Juniors 13-14 Race Start


Do I need to go to registration if I registered online and already have my number plate?

Check-in is only required if the racer needs to pick-up a plate (purchased new or replacement) OR they don’t have their series plate and need a temporary unit.


How long is the course? How many laps? What loops? 


Course: SXSW, Ranger, Dragonfly, Crooked Tree, Man Bites Dog, I Can. Approx. 6 miles per lap

Men Pro/CAT 1 Open – 4 Laps (23 miles)

Men 15-49 Cat 1 – 4 Laps (23 miles)

Women Pro/Cat 1 Open – 4 Laps (23 miles)

Cat 1 Men 50+ – 3 Laps (17 miles)

Cat 1 Women 15+ – 3 Laps (17 miles)

Singlespeed Open – 3 Laps (17 miles)


CAT 2 (15+) – 3 Laps (17 miles)

Singlespeed 2-3 – 3 Laps (17 miles)


CAT 3 (15+) – 2 Laps (11 miles)

Junior 13-14 – 2 Laps (11 miles) with Cat 3 field



Juniors course: SXSW and I Can (1.5 miles) 

Juniors 12U – 2 laps of the Junior Loop ~3 miles

Juniors 10U – 1 lap of the Junior Loop ~1.5 miles


What color tape are the racers following? 

Juniors under 12 follow pink signs and take the 12U shortcut! All other racers follow pink signs. 

Where can I park and camp?


What about my huge dog?

Use your best judgment and be aware of your surroundings. 

Are the trails open during the race for non-racers and hikers?

Use your best judgment and be aware of your surroundings. It is not recommended for spectators to linger on the course.

Where are the Porta-Potties?

We have real bathrooms in the Patriot Pavilion, along with showers.

Can I ride Texas Sunset during the race?

No. Stay away from the church until after 1 PM on Sunday. Texas Sunset goes right through the grounds by the sanctuary.

What are the prizes?

Cat 1 gets a cash payout based on the byzantine TMBRA payout schedule. Value determined by field size.

Cat 2 top five in each category split a total of $1200 in swag.

Cat 3 is a raffle with tires, lube, Bike Mart gift cards, Tubeless plug kits, Grips and other essentials. MSRP value over $800.

First, second and third in each category get an award.

When and where are the awards?

Awards will be given approximately 20-30 minutes after 90% of the riders in a category have finished. 

Podiums will be next to reg and the Patriot Pavilion.

Where is the best place to watch the race?

See the maps below. Please leave the roads clear for emergency vehicles. I think the best spectating will be along SXSW in the southeast corner and the creek crossing on Ranger right before it turns into Crooked Tree. There will also be passing in the field on Dragonfly in the Camping and Day Parking lot to the northeast.


For the kids race SXSW and the shortcut through the pump track will be fun places to watch.


The event is finished.


    • George Robles

      Hi Dave,
      I’m registered for the Men’s Cat2 45-49 and I just broke down ( rear axle bearing ) and will not be able to attend tomorrow. Is there a way to cancel? I apologize for this, I just don’t have any other way to get to the event tomorrow.

      • Dave Bellante

        Hi George, I just saw this. For future reference, always contact the Race Director with registration questions or concerns. Their contact info is always listed on the registration page.

  1. Mario Czarnomski

    There is a discrepencey in the number of laps for CAT1. In one spot it sasy 3 laps but later down below it says 4 lpas.

  2. Isaac

    Can you give more details about when the “first time racer guided course preview” will be? It says it will happen during the DORBA drop-in, but when does that happen?

  3. Mark Andrews

    am i reading this right. 3 laps, 5ish miles each, 270ft climbing per? against Waco and Comfort this appears to be a pancake.

  4. Mario Czarnomski

    I would like to suggest a reconsideration for U12 distance the kids will race. Right now U10 races one lap (around 1.5 flat miles) and U12 races 2 laps (around 3 flat miles). These kids can handle much more than that and frankly deserve to ride/race more. Just to give you an example, this past weekend at the Flat Rock Ranch, U10 raced over 3 miles with some climibg, rocks and drops and the U12 raced nearly 7 miles with more climbing, more rocks and more drops. As a paranet of two of those kids, I will tell you that it takes a big effort to get the kids to those races, especaially that I myslef race as well. Traveling long distance for a race of 1.5 miles that starts at 7:45am seems almost comical and makes it realy unatractive for kids. If it is not to late I strongly suggest and request to increase the number of laps by at least one for each off those categories.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Mario, contact the race director. I’m sure they are open to suggestions. I believe they made a change to the course last year.

  5. Ralph Voss

    Sorry if I missed this information somewhere, but will pre-riding be available on Friday before the race or just on Saturday?

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