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Palo Duro Canyon MTB Marathon (#1, Marathon Series)

Register Here

NOTE: Start time will be 10:00AM and not 10:30AM on Saturday, Nov. 19th.

Registration will be available onsite until 9:15AM on Saturday, Nov. 19th.
We strongly recommend that you register online  by November 17, 2022 12:00pm

Number plate pickup will be Friday, Nov. 18 from 4-5PM and Saturday from 8AM-9:30AM.

As race participants are from NM, OK, CO, KS as well as TX this event will be using event specific number plates.

Awards for all groups
$4800 payout for the top 10 finishing men and top 5 finishing women.

1st  $800  Women/Men
2nd  $600  Women/Men
3rd  $350  Women/Men
4th  $250  Women/Men
5th  $150  Women/Men
6th  $100  Men
7th  $100  Men
8th  $100  Men
9th  $100  Men
10th  $100  Men

The event is finished.


  1. Dexter

    First time racer here. I’m having trouble determining how the categories are split up on the registration site and which one to register for. Is the 38 miles = cat 1, 28 = cat 2, and 14 = cat 3?

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Dexter, welcome to TMBRA. Marathon races are mass start events. All categories ( Cats) race together. The official marathon is the 38 mile distance. The 28 and 14 mile races are for racers who don’t want to race for that long. It’s kind of pick your poison. If you are planning on racing the TMBRA marathon series, points for the Marathon State Championship Series are only given in the 38 mile race. It doesn’t matter what Cat you are. You can sign up for any distance you like.

  2. Don Brown

    How may first time racer are generally racing in the 14 mile race. I am just a weekend warrior who likes to ride. Will this be too much for this 54 year old guy. I have been to the Canyon and hiked but would really like to come back later with my family and ride. This would allow me to know the trails.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Don, the 14 mile race is perfect for first time racers. The shorter distance races are perfect for dipping the toes in the water.

    • Jason

      Hi Don. You should totally try it. I did my first race and met a lot of great people and the trails are awesome. Be careful because it can be addictive!

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