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The Sugar Land Classic (’22 Spring XC series)

G.O.R.B.A  presents
The Sugar Land Classic
Sugarland Trails , Sugarland TX
May 14-15, 2022




Being that we will not have camping available to the ones who would normally camp. The City of Sugar Land reached out to the local hotels for booking block rates for our race event and the outpooring of hospitality poored greatly. We chose 2 hotels to assist us, see links below.



1. Copy and paste the entire link into your browser 2. Click book now 3. Enter dates of stay 4. Click book now 5. Select your room type 6. Book your room and don’t forget to add your world of Hyatt points if you are a member!


Social – Meet & Greet

Friday and Saturday night we are having a meet & greet to ANYONE that wants to join. Listed below will be the venues. Both          of these venues are close to the Sugar Land trails.

  • Friday night: Flying Saucer from 6-8 – Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, 15929 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479
  • Saturday night: Bar Louie from 6-8 – Bar Louie – Sugarland, 16089 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Saurday May-14

New Racer Clinic & Kids Kup 1-2pm – Hosted by: James Webb will have an instructional bike clinic to discuss:


  • Preparing your bike to be race ready
  • Preparing nutrition / hydration
  • Proper trail / race etiquette
  • Call ups before your race wave

Kid’s Kup

  • ABC’s – Air, Brakes & Chain maintenance
  • Bike and helmet Safety – with an AMAZING demonstration that the kids LOVE
  • Then we will let the kids race his short track

There will be many shops at the event that will have tents set up. Stop by and talk to them and get to know some of Houston’s favorite bike shops!

We are still needing volunteers for both Saturday and Sunday. If intersted, please follow this link and sign up!

ALL races will be on Sunday! Registration will close at 6pm on Saturday evening. Be sure to pre-registar to avoid payin a late registration fee of $20 Sunday morning.

Sunday May 15

Race Start Times

  • Juniors 10 Under – 7:45a 3.5 mile 1 lap (Modified)
  • Juniors 12 Under – 7:45a 6 mile 1 lap (Modified)
  • Juniors 13/14 – 8:30a 8.5 mile 1 lap
  • Cat3 – 8:30a – 8.5 mile 1 lap
  • Cat2 – 9:30a – 17 miles 2 laps
  • Cat1/PRO/Open – 11:30a – 25.5 mile 3 laps

Quick Details:

  • Food trucks on Sunday, BBQ truck and a wings/taco truck.
  • Onsite registration: Sunday, May 1st, opens at 7:00A and closes 30 minutes before your race wave start.
  • TMBRA Raceplates: TMBRA will use one standard plate for the series. Every race participant is required to utilize a season plate for race scoring and timing. After registering for an event you will be asked about your season plate status. If you pre-purchased your plate through the website or you picked up a plate at a previous event then select “No, I already own one.” otherwise select “Yes, assign a NEW plate.” if you do not already own one. Select “Yes, a REPLACEMENT plate is needed.” if you need a replacement for your previously assigned plate. A one-time $10 charge will be added to your event registration fee if you select a “yes” answer.


A huge thanks goes to FBMBA, the City of Sugar Land, and GHORBA for coming together to make this happen! A lot of people in all organzations are responsible for this and we couldn’t do this without them. Bringing Cross Country racing back to the Houston area is something we have all been wanting to see and have back in our backyard. If you see an FBMBA member or a city official at the event, give them a quick thank you, they truly deserve it!

For those of you that are skeptical about it, don’t knock till you ride it. Although, these trails may lack in hill climbing, they don’t lack in the skillset needed as you are ripping these corners at high speeds! This will absolutely be a different style of riding than what’s normally seen in the series so don’t shy away from coming on down and experiencing something new!!! See you all real soon!!! Be sure to visit the Blue Agave tent after your pre-ride, they will share better details about the trail systems within Sugar Land!




The event is finished.


  1. Dave Bellante

    Hi Mike, our races are listed here in the calendar section. In fact you can merge our calendar with your google calendar as well. We post links to flyers and registration as soon as they become available here in the details section in the calendar. We also make announcements via social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Strava ) as soon as registration goes “live”.

  2. Greg Gorsha

    Is there a separate class for Women’s single speed? If not, does my wife have to race with 2/3 men’s single speed or will she be in her own class if she registers for SS 2/3?

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Greg, unfortunately there is not a separate women’s SS category. The hard truth is there just isn’t enough women’s SS racers that have showed up to make a competitive class. If that does happen and we get approached from enough people we will do it in a hot second. So her current options are to race in the SS 2/3 open class or her age group and Category class. Keep in mind that the Sugar Land trails are super flat and non technical, so riding a SS is probably on much of a disadvantage.

  3. Jeremy Paquette

    Is there a map of the course or a list of the trails used? Or perhaps will it be marked for pre-riding soon?

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