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  1. Dave Bellante

    Pre ride is open any time at Bluff Creek Ranch. We use the entire loop at the ranch . If you not sure where to go there are maps provided.

  2. JohnF

    Will there be extra markings on the course race day? Somehow after going down mule trace today I ended up going backwards on the long course.

  3. Linda Jordaan

    I guess my question fits here better. Where can I find the 10U course for Sundays race at Warda? There was only a link for the full race course provided. Thx

  4. David Boulton

    I’m thinking about signing up for this race. I’m not familiar with the course and my equipment choice is limited to either a rigid single speed mtb, or a geared gravel bike.
    What’s the course like?

  5. Elizabeth Kaufman

    Hi Dave, I got really overheated on Saturday. I stuck around and got my award for second in the race, but had to leave before I got my second place overall in the series award ( Open Women 60+) ? I could send you the fee for mailing if you can send it to me or let me know if there’s a place I can pick it up. I had arranged for Meagan Alpha to pick it up to but in the excitement of her race, it seems she forgot.

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