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Cycle Progression Texas Cup things you need to know

Top 5 Finisher stickers and TMBRA keychains for qualified racers. We will also have Regeared trophies for top 3 in each category. You need to have raced at least 3 races to qualify for Cycle Progression 2023 Texas Cup overall awards. Best 4 races count towards your total. The double points race counts as one race. We are updating the overall points now and will have them finished before the weekend. In order for us to produce fast accurate results PLEASE double check your entry information and make double sure that you have used the exact same name, birthday, and number . If you input the wrong information like using Dave for one race and David for another or switching your month and day on your birthday, or using your kids race plate or last year’s plate, you double yourself in our system and causes us to calculate your points by hand. With over 1,300 active racers this becomes a very slow and tedious process. Please help us by ALWAYS double checking that your info is correct, accurate and the same every time. If you need to change your info, you can do so by clicking the “modify registration” button that is in your confirmation email. Thanks for you help!
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  1. Dave Bellante

    Hey Ivan, we will have them ready for pick up in Abilene. If you don’t pick it up there we will mail it to ya.Sorry for the delay ( I want mine too )

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