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Trek TX Texas Cup round #3 Shred de Roots Oct 1st

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On October 1st 2023, the Suzannah Smiles Foundation will be hosting Shred de Roots at Huntsville State Park. This event is a cross country bike race (XC) for all ages and skill levels and is part of the Texas Cup Series p/b Trek Texas for the Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association (TMBRA).

Suzannah Smiles FoundationIn the last 12 years, Suzannah Smiles has raised over $450,000 to help Texas children and families impacted by spina bifida. All proceeds of this event will be donated directly to families impacted by Spina Bifida through scholarships and grants as well as to Spina Bifida Texas (SBTX). SBTX is often the first resource for families after diagnosis. Suzannah Smiles generates a sizable portion of SBTX’s operational capital for the year, and with your help, the 4th edition of Shred de Roots will allow us to serve more families across our State! We can race, laugh, have fun, enjoy a wonderful day outside, and raise money for a worthy cause!

About Spina Bifida: It is estimated that Spina Bifida affects two out of every 1,000 births in Texas, almost twice the national average. Spina Bifida is a birth defect that occurs when the lower end of the spinal cord does not form properly in the developing baby. Paralysis, loss of bowel and/or bladder control, brain damage and learning disabilities are among the many challenges associated with this complex disability. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), if every woman of childbearing age (15-44) would take a daily vitamin containing 400mcg of folic acid, the incidences of Spina Bifida would be reduced by 70%.

Help us fundraise: This year we are offering incentives if you help us fundraise for Suzannah Smiles. If you open a Facebook Fundraiser and raise money for Suzannah Smiles, you will have the chance to earn back your registration fee as well as additional Suzannah Smiles and SdR apparel/cycling attire. We would love your support as we work towards removing barriers for families across Texas. All proceeds of SdR and these fundraisers are going towards grants and scholarships used to support needs in the spina bifida community. Our goal is to raise $35,000 which allows us to give a grant to a family in need of a handicap accessible bathroom. Together we can make a difference!

  • Raise $250 get entry fee back ($65 Value)
  • Raise $350 get entry fee and free 2023 SdR t-shirt ($90 Value)
  • Raise $500 get entry and 2023 SdR jersey ($140 Value)
  • Raise $750 get entry, 2023 SdR T-shirt and SdR jersey ($165 Value)
  • Raise $1000 get entry, 2023 SdR t-shirt and SdR kit (Jersey & Bib) ($290 Value)
  • Raise $1500 get entry, 2023 SDR and 2023 Suzannah Smiles

Race Wave Start Times & Distance:

  • 8:00 AM : Juniors 11-12 (2 laps, 5 miles), Juniors 10U (1 lap, 2.5 miles)
  • 9:30 AM : E-Bike (Class 1 pedal assist only) (2 laps, 20 miles)
  • 9:35 AM : M/W Pro/Elite, M/W Master Open, Cat 1 and Singlespeed Open (3 laps, 30 miles -or- 2 laps, 20 miles)
  • 10:00 AM : Cat 2 racers and Singlespeed 2/3 (2 laps, 20 miles)
  • 12:30 PM : Juniors 13-14 and all Cat 3 racers (1 lap, 10 miles)

Note: Precise individual race class start times will be made available no later than the week prior to the race weekend. Check back here, TMBRA website or watch TMBRA social channels for start times.

Registration Details:

Registration is ONLINE ONLY! This registration platform is available via web browser or mobile device through NOON Sunday, Oct. 1st. There will be absolutely NO in-person dictation or handwritten release/registration forms available at the race venue.

  • day pass is required to enter Huntsville State Park. A day pass for race day is included with the registration fee if registered by 8PM Sept. 30th. Texas State Parks require a day pass for all attendees who are age 13 or older. Additional day passes can be purchased for friends and family who would like to attend the event and are entering the park in the same vehicle. All day pass(es) wil be included as a PDF attachment to the registration confirmation email.
  • Day passes included with registration will have exclusive use of the second line and be waved through (must print & display day pass receipt from registration confirmation email). MINIMAL WAITING!
  • Near final (as of Fri., Sept. 29th) detailed race schedule will be available online:
  • Onsite number plate pickup: Sunday *only*, Oct. 1st, starting at 7:00 AM.
  • TMBRA Kids’ Kup Clinic and Race will be held SATURDAY, Sept. 30th at 2:oo pm  . Kids’ Kup registration opens at 12:00 pm followed by the New Racers Clinic at 3 pm

Race Entry Fees:
Tiered registration pricing will be used based on the below fee schedule. Registration fees for racers age 13+ include a Huntsville SP day pass if registered BEFORE 8:00 PM, Saturday Sept. 30th

  • Juniors 12 and under : $30
  • Juniors 13 – 18 : $40
  • Adults 19+ :
    • Standard: $65
    • Late: $75 (Mon., Sept. 25th at midnight until Sat., Sept. 30th at 7:59PM)
    • Last Minute: $90 (Sat. Sept. 30th at 8:00P until Sun. Oct. 1st 12:10P) ** does not include day pass, racer must wait in regular entrance line at the gate to Huntsville SP to purchase a day pass


  1. Ricky Carlisle

    Hey guys,
    Ricky Carlisle a Cat 3 60+ guy here.
    I had a question, or more of a request. Could you explain the class advancement criteria. I’ve talked to a couple of guys who got “bumped up” and there seems to be a bit of confusion on exactly how it works. Great series. Keep up the good work guys.
    Ricky Carlisle

  2. Kevin Highfield

    I registered this morning – SS Cat 2/3 and it shows a start time of 9.30. In the text above it says 10. Can you please confirm which is correct. Thanks!

    • Dave Bellante

      Kevin, if you are referring to the link in the email that takes you to a spreadsheet. Double check that the tab you are on says SdR. Many times racers click on that link and look at info from a different race. Many times that spreadsheet is not updated untill the Friday before the race.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Jaime, I don’t think so but you may want to check with the Race director. His email is:
      I know the camp sites in the park fill up pretty quick. He may have made arrangements for campsite blocks or room blocks at a hotel in Huntsville, but you will have to check with him.

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