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Trek TX Texas Cup Series Finale Kerrville MTB Festival

Orange Seal Kerrville Mountain Bike Festival USAC State Championship

October 28-29, 2023

Welcome to the USAC Texas State Championship one day race at Kerrville Schreiner Park in Kerrville TX! We’re excited to host a fun filled mountain biking weekend presented by Hill Country Bicycle Works and Kerrville Schreiner Park. Located on the banks of the Guadalupe River and a main trailhead for the River Trail, Kerrville Schreiner Park offers up all kinds of activities for the entire family. This race course can be followed along the paved Park Road so a spectator can see their racer numerous times following the spectator viewing route with a bike. The Trailhead Beer Garden, that can be accessed by the River Trail right from the Park, has live music and food trucks Thursday- Sunday.  And if you’re coming to camp, the park has blocked all of the campsites on the trailside for the festival participants. So make your bookings, sign up to race and come out to Kerrville for a great time!!

Conchitas Mexican Fusion Cuisine Food Truck onsite SUNDAY  


5th and Final race Race of the TMBRA Fall Cup

Dates and Registration 

October 28-29, 2023


$10 Late charge added to adult race categories on Friday October 27 at 7pm

$10 Last Minute fee added to adult and junior categories on Saturday October 28 at 7 pm

You  can register for Sunday’s cross country event online up to 30 minutes before your category start time on BikeReg.

For Saturday’s festival events, registration will be allowed onsite no penalties. Signup for the free Kids Cup and 1st Time Racers clinic will be onsite only.

Races are sanctioned by USA Cycling.

    • Please go to and renew/buy your license now (licenses valid for one year) Use code TEXASMTB2023 at checkout for $25 off the annual license.
    • One-day licenses are $15 for category 3 (Beginner One-Day) and $35 for Pro, Cat 1 and Cat 2 (Experienced One-Day). Experienced One-Day must be purchased online through USA Cycling only
    • We WILL NOT process license renewals or new sales at the event, please take care of this before arriving at the race venue.

TMBRA- Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association -Rules and regulations, rider forums, Texas racing

FACEBOOK– coming soon

Kerrville Schreiner Park on Trailforks

The trail can be ridden in either direction. For 2023 the race course will go in a clockwise direction. The course will be marked starting the late afternoon of October 8.


• Women’s Empowerment Cycling Pre-Ride
• Sunshine the Clown face painting (FREE)
12 PM- 3PM
• WOOM Kids Cup (FREE) 1 PM
• 1 st Time Racers Clinic (FREE) 2 PM
• Adult/ Junior Team Time Trial 3 PM
• Costume Crit 5 PM
• Unicycle Race/ Wheelie Contest 5:30 PM
• Halloween Hunt (FREE) 7 PM
The trails will be open for pre-riding every day Sunrise to Sunset. There is a day use fee for
Kerrville Schreiner Park. A $50 Yearly Pass is a great deal if you plan on multiple visits. Gates

are open Saturday and Sunday of event weekend- no fee for spectators, race-course fee
included in entry fee

Trek TX Texas Cup overall awards

  • Must compete in three 2023 Texas Cup events to qualify for overall awards
  • Best 4 out of 5 results count towards series points
  • Overall series awards for top three in every category
  • Top 5 T-shirts for all qualified racers ( shirts are not for sale but must be earned )



  1. paul

    Howdy Dave. Would you mind taking a look for some awards from last fall? Should be a third place for final race and a third overall. I’d really appreciate it if you could bring to Kerville if you find them. Thanks in advance,

    Paul Snyder

  2. Brian Althoff

    Can you help me with race registration? For Kerrville the one-day option for USA Cycling Lic has to be purchased through the website but they have me listed as Cat 3, beginner. I’ve been racing TMBRA Cat 2 50+ all season, top 10 in Spring and 4th overall for Fall. I requested upgrade but it will likely not be in time to register this week. How can I register for Kerrville if USA Cycling won’t pass me to Cat 2? Thanks.

  3. Daniel Gifford

    I have the same issue as Brian Althoff. It has been a number of years since I raced … but I am a former Cat 2 TMBRA Spring season state champion, and runner up Cat 1 TMBRA Spring season state champion. I would like to race in the Experienced division this weekend but USA Cycling support team is saying they don’t have the ability to change anything, so right now the only option is to purchase a one day beginner license.

    • Dave Bellante

      Hi Jeff,
      From the Race Director: ” An almost full moon rising over the field where a mountain bike race will happen this weekend at Kerrville Schreiner Park (anyone see any candy?). Right now trails 1a, 1b, 1c, 2 and the lower part of 3 are really soft. A few people rode 1a at some point today, we could see the tracks, no ruts but their tires were probably coated pretty well. So hard to predict what will happen. We may get lucky and everything will scatter around us. Or not. We have a solid plan if it stays too wet on the above listed trails. If you’re coming to pre-ride it would be better a little later in the day if the cells stay away. We’ll update again in the morning with a more current radar and a look out the door.” Posted 12 hours ago.

  4. Jack

    I know this is nobody’s fault who is running the race. But I had to type my full name and contact info about 10 times to sign up two kids, myself, and my wife, and then 10 more times for the usac licenses, use an incognito browser since each kid has to have a unique email address and then enter my cc info and name again 3 times to pay for the two kids and myself. Thank goodness wife already had a license or my finger’s be bleeding by now.

    So the race is gonna be easy after all that, if I can get enough recovery in by Sunday.

  5. Dave

    Hi there. Trying to sign up my 17 year old son for his first race. I got a one day USAC license for myself but doesn’t seem to be giving him the option online. Do minors need a full yearly license in order to race?

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