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Marfa Marathon canceled

The 2024 Marfa Marathon at Cibolo Creek Ranch has been canceled. As of Dec 22 there were 12 people signed up. We are two weeks out from when the event was scheduled. The prospect of enough people signing up to make the race worth (let alone break even) the ranch’s time, the food vendor’s time, and the promoter’s time was slim at best. We’ll try again in the future. Everyone who signed up has been issued a full refund and should start to see those dollars returning to their respective accounts in the coming days.

Happy Holidays.

Andrew Willis
Holland Racing


  1. Antonio Garza

    I was excited to go and was just logging in to sign-up today. I heard the Rocky Hill race had 30 people signed up 24hrs before the race and ended up with 90+

  2. Richard Jennings

    Myself and a racing buddy were going to sign up and go. We had reservations to stay at a place in Alpine. Please don’t cancel it next time, thanks.

  3. des


    but good to know i need to get signed up earlier so event directors can feel supported, makes sense. sorry for that, my bad.

    what kind of “plan ahead” time frame sign up are ya looking for?

    as said before, we are a spntaneous bunch with FT jobs, fams, etc and frequently only know OUR own availability last minute.

    durn, it sounded very novel and was the beginning of a long western roadie.

    Re: DB’s comment – i’ll keep an eye to se if it’s gonna go.

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